anti drug school program

“Discover a way to help prevent substance abuse in under 1 hour and everyone will be saying “NO” to drugs, tobacco and alcohol. GUARANTEED”


We Guarantee, 100% Customer Satisfaction. If you can look us in the eyes and say that the students, PTA, or teacher, were not impressed by the program, then the assembly will be FREE.


“The SAY NO TO DRUGS Program”

Magic, Comedy, and bits of Funny Business, students will learn:

Dear Friend,

We understand your concern, with drug, tobacco and alcohol use in your school. Early preventation is key to prevent events in the future.

Now your asking yourself, it can’t happen to my students. The fact is that students are influenced by images in television, video games, music and everyday life. Some of the influence include older neighborhood kids, random strangers and even older siblings.

The solution is to provide students with the information and tools to help SAY NO to substance abuse early in life. A program that teaches about healthy lifestyles and making correct choices. There is a program that can help solve this problem.

“The Best Program I have seen in 20 Years”
Kay Pearlman
Children’s Librarian
Duarte Library


“The SAY NO TO DRUGS Program”

This high recommend program touches on the delicate subject of substance abuse. The program ties in a magic program with content, messages, role playing, tools and information to help guide early prevention. Topics covered include:

  • What are drugs?
  • Bad drugs Vs. Medication– Some are bad and some are used to save life’s.
  • Tobacco and Alcohol– Dangers of using and addiction.
  • Say NO To Drugs?– Tools, role playing and techniques to help “SAY NO”
  • Who uses drugs?– Its surprising who uses.
  • What to do if you get offered by friends– Role playing, tools, techniques, its a little harder than you think.
  • A Drug Free School– A healthy lifestyle and school helps prevent substance abuse

We are Rafael & Katia, professional magicians and presenters. We provide fun, interactive and entertaining elementary school programs that meet the California Educational Standards.

The SAY NO DRUGS Program is featured pact and easy to book and promote. We provide the following:

  • Free Promotional Photos- to help promote the program at your school.
  • Free Flyer Design- premade flyers to post around the school.
  • Free Parent Handout– Student handout to take home and parents to see that the school is taking steps to prevent substance abuse.
  • Free Press Release– Submit to local newspapers so they can print that your school is doing something about sustance abuse.

“The parents requested another program this year.”
Sandra Gonzales
Gratts Elementary

The Program Is Affordable

The fee for our Say NO To Drugs Program are similar to other school assembly programs. Multiple programs discounts are available. Additionally our program qualifies for Title One Money.

“Title 1 funds aim to bridge the gap between low-income students and other students. The U.S. Department of Education provides supplemental funding to local school districts to meet the needs of at-risk and low income students.”

During the program we blend comedy, magic, lessons, role playing, with audience participation that creates hilarious situations and wild antics. Every program is tailored to your needs.

Programs that teach, inspire and amaze…………..

Programs for 1st – 3rd Graders, Programs for 4th – 6th Graders. Age appropriate.

Everything sounds great…..Now What?

Simply pick up the phone and call us. Or email us. We can discuss your program in detail. You can ask ANY questions you have, In fact, I’d really appreciate you contacting us and letting us know what you think.

We are not going to try and “sell” you, so you can relax – no pressure – we are here to answer any questions and help make your event the best ever!

We look forward to speaking with you: (323) 269-5400